Jamie Crawford: Storyteller


Pippa Smith, Arts Officer, Brighton Festival


Or Else You Are Mine

King Arthur

The Accidental Storyteller

The Last Warriors Project

Wayland Smith

Once Apop...











A modern retelling of Grimm

My contemporary versions of stories from the Children's and Household Tales are very much for adults. As a piece that speaks to the present day while respecting the source materialís archaic power, this new show is proving a popular choice, featuring at Beyond the Border Festival, Settle Storytelling Festival and the After Grimm conference in London.

Fresh, playful and shocking by turns.

Nell Phoenix, Artistic Director of StoryNight at Torriano


A story teller of mercurial brilliance… held his audience riveted ... Even in the West-End you will not find better quality performances.

Matthew Dexter, StoryNight audience member


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By turns playful, tragic and mysterious, this spirited new show cuts through the cliches surrounding King Arthur, bringing to life the passions and flaws that beset the Fellowship of the Round Table from its inspired rise to its violent fall.

Composed by Jamie Crawford in collaboration with John Wright, June Peters and Hugh Lupton. Suitable for adults and children aged 12 upwards.Developed with financial support from Arts Council England.

Powerful and provocative one-man show

Kevin Maher, film critic for the Times


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The Accidental Storyteller

Memories, reflections and pratfalls

A witty and ingenious interweaving of tales from his own life’s journey with some of the best loved classic tales, this performance highlights the way in which stories reflect the journeys that all of us undertake as humans. 

Umi Sinha of The Guesthouse Storytellers, Newhaven 





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(based on an original idea by Dan Keding)


Create eye-catching, thought-provoking and amusing stories through improvised group work. The workshop culminates in a short performance by participants to invited interested parties.


The workshop uses music and mime to depict a great battle which results in the last two surviving opponents coming face to face, too exhausted to continue fighting. Participants are encouraged to devise short stories and scenarios about themselves, families, friends, and experiences in their lives. These form the basis of what the two warriors learn about one another during the course of the night they spend together on the battlefield. The conclusion of the battle is then portrayed. The final results invariably produce the unexpected..... and a great deal of animated discussion!

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Wayland the Smith And other Stories

The show includes pieces such as the Icelandic riddling story of Gestumblindi, the Sussex legend of St. Dunstan and a version of How the Bee Became, originally by Ted Hughes. The title story is an ancient Germanic tale of love, abduction and revenge featuring a mythical blacksmith with extraordinary powers and very human passions. Suitable for adults and children of 12 upwards.

Jamie Crawford's performance of Wayland Smith was stunning. He is one of the few storytellers that has pulled off the magic of maintaining a high emotional charge while at the same time keeping a close connection with his audience.

Graham Langley, Storytelling Cafe



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Once Apop a Snickety Wow!

Old stories told in a new way.

Listening to storyteller Jamie Crawford children and parents will journey to extraordinary worlds, they will laugh out loud, fall silent in wonder, jump with surprise, grapple with riddles, call out, join in, sing along to the choruses and come back home in time for tea.

A family show suitable for ages 5 and upwards

 The children loved it!

June Morgan, St Margaret’s School, Crawley.              


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